The Beat was the first track I herd by Savant. I was immediately hooked. Shortly after I looked up all the rest and added them to my library. Truely amazing talant. I hope you play in Chicago soon.

agreed. come to chicago.

I’ll be the third hand in that vote. If not Milwaukee, definitely visit Chicago, & I am there.


4th in that vote.

Just asking: What does ISM stand for? is it some short form of something,
or is it like an “…ism” like in savantsISM. That would be kinda cool.

Yeah, that’s what it’s supposed to be.

I believe it’s actually a real mental disability, as well…Which Aleksander has..

Yeah, it’s supposed to be “Savantism.” Some people with mental disabilities have the capacity to be called people with Exceptional Mental Abilities, As heard in the song “Burgertime.”(Vario Album) He’s been diagnosed with Asburgers syndrome, which is in fact a form of High-Functioning Autism (Which my father has) and people with these kinds of disabilities sometimes have something as their virtuoso. Aleksander’s is apparently electronic music.
There was actually one person who had a terrible stroke, and from then on had mental disabilities, but they were able to make extremely complex calculations in their head, kinda like a calculator. People like this are called “Savants” by certain folks in society.

…I might have gone fairly overboard with that explanation, but oh well.
(I may be completely wrong about some of these things so don’t quote me on any of this. Please.)

Savant is the savior of music. I dreamed of music like this, make music like this, not NEARLY as skilled with the tools as this, but now I’ve got inspired motivation! Thank you.

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